Adam Dorsey             Writer / Filmmaker / Gamer

I work to make the internet funnier and videogame discussion smarter. I've spent my career working at the videogame company Nintendo and the internet humor network Cheezburger.

This is where I keep the stuff I make. I also have a Twitter and a Tumblr. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Title: “Indoor Kids at Call of Duty XP”
    Release Date: September 2011
    Primary Duties: Director, Camera, Editing

    This video stars comedians Kumail Nanjiani and Steve Agee. It was filmed at the Call of Duty XP event as a promo for The Indoor Kids gaming podcast.

    This video was screened at Meltdown Show at Meltdown Comics, right after Louis C.K. got off stage.

  • Title: “I AM 8 BIT - Pixels are Sexy”
    Release Date: August 2011
    Primary Duties: Director, Editor, Camera

    I shot and cut this doc of the I AM 8 BIT gallery opening for their Pixels are Sexy show.

    This video was made for Bitmob (now known as GamesBeat) and distributed by Machinima.

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